Live online meditation classes & mindful living coaching tailored to your needs

Think of me as a personal trainer, but for your mind & mental well-being.

Here's what I help with:

No prior experience needed.
Just an open heart and a willing mind.
And even those we can work on.

It is a journey from surviving to thriving in life.

And this is no just some cliché sentence.

If you are tired of living on autopilot, feeling stressed or overworked, or you just want a change in your life, start your journey today with me:

1:1 session

This is a 60 minute coaching session based on mindfulness, productivity and self-care concepts designed to teach you how to befriend your mind and become your best possible self.

1:1 Intro session

This is a 30 minute intro coaching session for us to get to know each other. We will talk about the journey ahead, and go over any questions. Think of this as a test drive before committing to 1:1 sessions.

Group session

This is a 30 minute meditation session designed for you to deepen your practice and connect with other practitioners. Classes consist of an intro, 20 minute guided meditation, followed by Q&A.

It's here!

30 Days of Journal Prompts – from Self Discovery to Self Love is a guided journey of finding your inner voice and embracing your authentic self.

Grow with me.

Your mindset is key to bettering your mental wellness.

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