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Hi, I’m Vanessa!

Yoga teacher, women’s mentor and a lifelong student passionate about empowering others to live the life they will absolutely love.

Vanessa’s approach is founded on deep inner acceptance and radical self love. Her teachings focus on embodying alignment and abundance through child-like curiosity and playfulness.

Her work remains in integrity by her devotion to remaining a student of life and constantly upgrading skills and knowledge through further education.

She incorporates both the scientific and spiritual perspectives, harmonizes these approaches by utilizing the best of both worlds, and serving each client’s individual needs.

Ways to work
with me

Embark on an inner journey of who you came into this life to be, and start living the life you LOVE.

ROOTED Program

One program. Everything you need. 6 months of deep inner work. We start Jan 11th.

1-1 Yoga

Private yoga classes designes just for you. Transforming how you do life: on & off the mat.

Instant magic

Short-term 1-1 offerings to spark your inner magic (tarot and oracle card readings).

Free resources

May the abundance flow your way with these amazing free offerings.

What People Say

Wonderful course, thank you so much! I’ve loved spending the last 10 mornings with you. I always struggle with journaling but will keep working at it because I can see the benefits!

– Lauren, course participant

I felt as if we had known each other for a long time. You have a wonderful energy that you exude with such ease.
Thank you for your insights, solutions and ideas. Thank you also for keeping some things to yourself, for knowing that it was not time for me to hear them yet.
It’s really inspiring to meet a person who follows their purpose, who is authentic and helps others find themselves within themselves. You have a wonderful, warm, positive energy that can be felt through Zoom – a true proof of how irrelevant distance is when it comes to energy.
I look forward to the next meeting and can’t wait to let you know about my future achievements!

– Ines, 1-1 Tarot/Oracle Reading client

I finished the course! I’m going to go straight back to the beginning to do it again. I will look up your other courses as well. Thank you for being a light and a lifeline. It has been a joy and so helpful to discover you here.

– Jenna, course participant

Start your inner journey today with my free offerings. Explore ebooks, workbooks and webinars created with love and the intention to serve you unconditionally. May the abundance flow your way ❤

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