Daily Journaling in 2022: Easy & Effective Everyday Journal Prompts

If you are interested in personal development, productivity, finding more clarity, and re-discovering yourself, journaling should find its place in your self-care toolbox.

I have been journaling every day for a year now, and this habit, along with my consistent meditation practice, has been nothing short of life-changing and truly transformational.

If you want to learn how to start journaling, find journaling prompts for self discovery and self love, and daily journal prompts for morning intention setting and evening reflections, keep on reading.

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How to Start Journaling

When I first started out journaling, I tried out different journaling prompts each day. For me this was a fun and educational experience. I experimented, tried different prompts aimed at different topics, like self discovery, compassion, love, and healing, and I learned A LOT about myself along the way.

Here’s what I found useful:

  • Search for new journal prompts every day, or batch search and save in advance. There are loads of free lists of prompts dedicated to any topic you can think of. The advantage here is that every day can be an experiment, and it doesn’t cost you anything, except for the blank journal you’ll be writing in. The downside is that the days don’t build up on each other, questions might be randomly sorted without really aiming at any specific point, and some prompts might not be even aimed at what you’d expect.
  • Get a guided journal. These generally cost, but for a reason: they are usually elaborate, days and weeks build off of each other, and all you have to do is to simply start journaling, no tasks, no research needed.

Not sure where to start? Grab my e-journal that will offer you a guided journey from self discovery to self love. Each day includes an inspirational quote followed by carefully curated journal prompts that build on each other. They follow the focus of the week and the mini-focus for that day.

Another way to approach journaling is to set daily prompts that focus on productivity, clarity, setting intentions, reflecting, and a space to leave out your thoughts of the day.

Daily Journal Prompts

Daily journal prompts include the same prompts each day, and they usually focus on gratitude, productivity, intentions, and reflections.

Some of my favorite daily journal prompts


Write down 3 things you are grateful for that day. When doing this prompt, try to stop for a moment for each thing and really feel what and why you are grateful for.


Write down each day your short-term and long-term goals. Reminding yourself daily of what your intentions are helps you redirect your focus to what really matters.


What you wish to affirm that day. For example, you can start the sentence with “I am…”, “I embrace…” or “I am open to…”, etc.


Write down what feelings you want to bring into your day. It’s okay if this changes throughout the day, or doesn’t go as perfectly as planned.


Choose one activity of the day you will focus on performing more mindfully that day.


Reflect on today and write down 3 things you loved about it. Just like the gratitude list, there’s nothing “too small” or “too big” for this list.

  • I LET GO OF…

Something you are holding onto that is time to let go of. You can write whatever comes first to mind.

If you are interested in more, join my mailing list and get for FREE the full list of my favorite daily journal prompts along with a printable pdf e-journal. Everything is ready for your journaling journey, you simply have to print out the journal and start writing!

Hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions or want to offer feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly.

In my opinion, journaling and meditation go along great together. If you want to find out how to start meditating, check out this post about practical meditation tips for beginners.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Journaling in 2022: Easy & Effective Everyday Journal Prompts”

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  2. I’ve noted down the journal prompts, so thank you! I started journalling last year and very quickly fell down the rabbit hole if only writing down when I was feeling bad, the whole thing ended up just being negative and I gave up. But I think with the prompts I’ll get on much better!

  3. Fab suggestions! I really want to go into journaling more regularly this year, when I do it always helps me relax and sort through my feelings. I love the prompt about what you loved today – that’s such a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing x

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