Private sessions with Vanessa

Are you ready to meet your beautiful, badass self and find out just how incredibly powerful you actually are?

You are done playing small and you are READY to step into your truth, even though you might not even know what that is at the moment, am I right?

Making peace with your mind + turning it into your #1 tool to make your dream life a reality sounds soooo delicious too, doesn’t it?




Shed the limiting beliefs and judgmental inner voices that’ve been keeping you from reaching your FULL potential.

Embrace your badass self, step into your highest purpose, and reach for the stars.

No fluff, no bs. All you babe.


Here’s the gist of it.

This is for you if you

  • are done playing small, doing things out of habit and only to please others
  • crave change and want to start being more in charge of your own life
  • want to have more energy & confidence
  • don’t know how to listen to your intuition – you lost connection with your body
  • ready to start the transformational work for you to step into your most authentic, radiant and empowered self

What you get out of it

  • A shift in perspective + attitude that will support you in up-leveling your life and reaching your FULLEST potential
  • Effective tools to learn + embody: self-regulation, mindfulness, mind-body connection + intuition, self-empowerment & bold confidence
  • Uncover your soul’s passion + build systems that support your core values, intrinsic goals and motivations

Classes are fully tailored to your needs

  • I adapt to your pace and respect your beautiful uniqueness
  • I offer my expertise and insight, but you are in charge

What’s included

  • 1hr video sessions via Zoom
  • Unlimited private telegram support during business hours

1-1 Containers

Before purchasing any container options, please book a discovery call first or email/DM me to chat and to feel out our connection and find the container that will fit your needs.

Your time will be scheduled after your purchase.


Master mindfulness in a 1 month long coaching experience and harness the power of conscious presence🧘‍♀️

2 calls + 1 month unlimited Telegram support

Investment: $111


Set yourself up for success by setting aligned goals + working out a simple & effective action plan, along with having accountability and support for the duration of the container. Nothing’s stopping you now💪

3 calls + 2 month unlimited Telegram support

Investment: $167


Find + embody your highest purpose with ease and clarity. It’s already within you🙏

4 calls + 2 month unlimited Telegram support

Investment: $222



Nothing is stopping you from reaching for the stars babe. This container is all the previous ones combined together. Ask your badass self and you’ll just feel it in your body if this is it✨

10 calls + 5 month unlimited Telegram support

Investment: $444

1:1 sessions – Discovery call

Want to apply? Schedule a discovery call first to feel out our connection.

There’s no coaching in discovery calls. Their purpose is to share what is it you feel called to work on and to learn about the containers I offer.

Want to work with me / Not sure what you want?