Private sessions with Vanessa

If you are done playing small and feeling like life is just passing you by, and you are ready to step into your empowered and authentic yourself, then you are my type of human.

This sounds like you? If this is your first time here, check out what I am all about in the next couple of paragraphs. If you feel my work aligns with the change you are called to make, make sure you book my 30 minute free discovery call for us to get to know each other + work out future steps.

The space I hold for my 1:1 work is limited, so the availabilities for discovery calls may change.

1:1 Coaching sessions

Here’s the gist of it.

This is for you if you…

  • are done playing small, doing things out of habit and only to please others – leaving your own needs unmet
  • crave change and want to start being more in charge of your own life and the decisions you make – you are done feeling helpless and fearful
  • want to have more energy & confidence – you often feel tired and stressed out, but you feel guilty when resting
  • life feels like it is passing you by and you don’t really enjoy it – you can’t find joy in the “little” moments, and you never unplug from work or other responsibilities
  • don’t know how to listen to your intuition – you lost connection with your body and often don’t realize the subtle signals
  • ready to start the transformational work needed for you to step into your most authentic, radiant and empowered self

What I do:

  • Offer you a new perspective + a shift in attitude that will support you in up-leveling your life
  • Teach you effective tools to strengthen mental qualities that overspill into all areas of your life – we focus on self-regulation, mindfulness, mind-body connection + intuition, self-compassion, enjoyment, resilience & self-empowerment
  • Help you uncover your soul’s passion and understand how to build systems that align perfectly with your core values, intrinsic goals and motivations

Classes are fully tailored to your needs

  • We work on areas you feel called to work on
  • I adapt to your pace and respect your beautiful uniqueness
  • I offer my expertise and insight, but you choose the path, speed and complexity

What’s included

  • 1-1 video calls via Zoom
  • Unlimited Telegram support during business hours

1-1 Containers

1-1 containers are a sacred space I hold for my clients, so before purchasing any, please book a discovery call first or email/DM me to chat + to feel out our connection.

Your time will be scheduled after your purchase.


6 calls + 3 month unlimited Telegram support

Total investment: $595

Payment plans available


12 calls + 3 month unlimited Telegram support

Total investment: $1,111

Payment plans available


12 calls + 6 month unlimited Telegram support

Total investment: $1,111

Payment plans available

You want to experience growth with me, but you are not ready for a 3 or 6 month commitment? A week long deep dive session is also available!


1 call + 1 week unlimited Telegram support

Total investment: $111

1:1 sessions – Discovery call

Want to apply? Schedule a discovery call first to feel out our connection.

Want to work with me / Not sure what you want?