What is meditation & mindful living coaching? What do 1:1 sessions look like?

Meditation & mindful living coaching uses mindfulness concepts to teach you how to befriend your mind and become your best possible self. It provides the tools to help you live with more authenticity, confidence and joy. Private 1:1 sessions are tailored to your needs and are created in a way that best supports your beautiful uniqueness.

Every session consists of two parts: guidance and practice. Guidance works on specific areas like building habits or learning about the mind-body connection. My role here is to offer you my knowledge, guidance and support, and your role is to decide which aspects will work for you. Practice is a guided meditation created to support what you are currently working through by formally practicing mindfulness. Think of it in terms of sports coaching: while the coach offers their unique insight and expert knowledge, you still have to do the work (practice).

How is this different than some other coaching?

My meditation and mindful living coaching focuses on three key points:

– Setting clear intentions and functioning systems, rather than setting specific goals. Focusing on lasting habits, rather than quick wins.

– Using meditation and mindfulness techniques to train and strengthen mental qualities that overspill into all areas of your life.

– Working on your best possible self while also enjoying and loving the present you. Building a foundation for both self worth and self improvement by realizing that worthiness, consciousness and joy are your birthright.

Do I need meditation & mindful living coaching?

Absolutely not. Just like you don’t need a personal trainer in a gym, a private yoga instructor, or a nutritionist. You are free to choose not focus on those areas of your life or to try and figure them out on your own.

When you choose to go with coaching, you are choosing to trust someone who’s been on that journey and has the expert knowledge to help you help yourself live your fullest potential and maximize growth in those areas of your life. It means you are still responsible for your personal improvement and expansion, but you have someone to lean onto and a system to fall back to. It means you are not alone and don’t have to spend an enormous time, time which you already lack, to figure it out on your own. When you choose coaching, you also choose accountability and support, two ingredients even more important than sheer motivation.

Finally, the real question shouldn’t be do I need it, which actually means can I survive without this, but can this help me transform my life from surviving to thriving – and the very short answer is: yes it can.

Check out this mindfulness quiz to learn more about yourself and how prone you are to mindless & autopilot activities.

Do I need meditation?

Similarly to the question before, no you do not. There are many other ways you can learn to be more mindful and intentional with your life, and be more in touch with yourself. However, I found that with meditation, this transformation is especially straightforward, simple and practical. In meditation, there are groups of mental qualities we train: mindfulness (being more conscious and intentional), focus, clarity, equanimity, compassion and joy (one that extends beyond circumstances). What happens is that these qualities strengthen, expand and spill into our life that is outside the meditation cushion. Sharon Salzberg sums this up nicely: We don’t meditate to get better at meditating; we meditate to get better at life.

Curious to try it out? Check out my recorded guided meditations.

How does mindfulness actually help?

The first step to reclaiming the driver’s seat of your life is to become aware of the inner chatter and the stories you have been telling yourself. Meditation is by its very nature a practice that helps you become aware of and quiet down the inner noise, offering space for your true self to emerge. That is why meditation and mindfulness play an essential part in the journey of finding your authentic voice, crushing your limiting beliefs, and activating your highest potential.

How many classes does it last?

This depends on your current mindfulness practice and how deep you are willing to dive into it. Both you and I will have a better estimate once we start working.