Instant Magic

Tarot & Oracle Card Reading Session

Say yes to the possibilities mapped out in front of you and learn to trust your inner wisdom for discernment. This card reading session is unlike any other – here you are called to be the oracle and trust your gut. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this – my role is one of guidance and support. Say YES today and watch as the magic unfolds ☽

See clearly into the present and unveil the future with an exciting 1-1 tarot / oracle card reading session!

What people are saying

“I felt as if we had known each other for a long time. You have a wonderful energy that you exude with such ease.
Thank you for your insights, solutions and ideas. Thank you also for keeping some things to yourself, for knowing that it was not time for me to hear them yet.
It’s really inspiring to meet a person who follows their purpose, who is authentic and helps others find themselves within themselves. You have a wonderful, warm, positive energy that can be felt through Zoom – a true proof of how irrelevant distance is when it comes to energy.
I look forward to the next meeting and can’t wait to let you know about my future achievements!”


“It was my first tarot experience reading from and it was very relaxing, interesting and fun.
Vanessa is wonderful, joyful and relaxed. She is dedicated to her work, and what came to her intuitively while interpreting each card, was magical and completely resonated with my current life.
I would recommend this experience to everyone because I am sure that it will enrich your life.
Thank you Vanessa!”