Work with me

Hi, I'm Vanessa and I am a meditation and mindfulness teacher.

You can think of me as your personal trainer for the mind and mental wellness.

Are you tired of living on autopilot, feeling stressed or overworked, or are you craving for change in your life?

Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Habit building and adopting healthy coping skills
  • Finding more life balance and rebuilding trust within yourself
  • Regaining mental clarity by increasing concentration, focus and creativity
  • Living with more authenticity, confidence and fulfillment
  • Cultivating patience and compassion to deepen relationship with self and others

No prior experience needed. Just an open heart and a willing mind. And even those we can work on.

Here’s how I can help you:

Group sessions

These are 30 minute meditation sessions designed for you to deepen your practice and connect with other practitioners.

Classes consist of an intro, 20 minute guided meditation, followed by Q&A. They are limited to 20 people. Oh, and they are completely free.

1:1 sessions

This is a 60 minute coaching session based on mindfulness, productivity and self-care concepts designed to teach you how to befriend your mind and become your best possible self.

Classes are fully tailored to your needs. Each class consists of guidance and practice – necessary ingredients for a successful journey.

1:1 sessions – first time here

For first-timers, there’s a test drive 30 minute session where we get to know each other and talk about what we are going to work on.

Curious to try out a meditation before you commit to coaching?

Check out my recorded guided meditations.