One program. Everything you need. 6 months of deep inner work. Fully immersed. Committed to your truth. And supported fully.

It’s time to come home to yourself.

Rooted in safety.
Rooted in who you are underneath it all.
Rooted in your life’s mission.
Rooted in living your purpose.
Rooted in trust.
Rooted in you.

Program pillars

The story of ROOTED

This program is my life’s work. It is a product of years and thousands of dollars invested in my own expansion and teachings. I poured all my heart and knowledge into this 6 month program, program that I already know will hold and support many other souls on their quest to ditch anything and everything that is not working for them and embrace their beautiful, unique selves.

I’ve been told and shown so many times that who I am was wrong. Not enough. I couldn’t fit in. I was bullied, made fun of, rejected. I abandoned myself and for years I tried to please those that rejected me.

It didn’t work.

It could never have worked.

I was with the wrong person, at the wrong job, with wrong friends. All of it was a reflection of a life spent pretending.

After too many dark nights of the soul, after many workshops, mentors, books, times spent in introspection and meditation, in yoga classes and breathing sessions, I found my way back home to myself.

To be honest, there are days I am still finding it. But now, I know the way. I know HER. I know what SHE feels like, sounds like, breathes like. I know HER because I am HER. She is me, the ME I abandoned, but never abandoned me.

And it is really HER that created ROOTED. SHE created it as a blueprint for you to find your own way back home. To find your own YOU that is waiting for you, patiently, and loving you, unconditionally. The YOU that knows the way. The YOU that knows how to take care of you, knows what you need and what you came here to do.

This program is for you if…

  • You want to embody unshakable confidence and feel empowered
  • You are done putting off your dreams and desires because you didn’t want to take up space or feared you’d look foolish
  • You are a visionary wanting to uncover your gifts and share them with the world
  • You feel it in your bones that there’s a different way to live (that’s not based solely on surviving)
  • You are ready to commit to yourself for the next 6 months (and beyond) and do the work
  • You are not looking for a quick fix and you understand lasting change requires time and devotion
  • You feel butterflies reading this, there’s excitement and a little bit of (good) fear, the kind that expands comfort zones

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t feel resonance with any of the program’s pillars or my story
  • There are other programs or mentors that speak to you more
  • You are not ready to commit to yourself in this way right now and devote your time for the next 6 months
  • Investing in yourself is currently not a priority

ROOTED begins January 11th 2024.

We begin with the new moon in Capricorn, making this the perfect date to start something that is bound to transform how you do life.

Value of this program is priced over 2000€.
However, to make this program more accessible and aligned with my values, the price for the entire 6 month program with is 777€.

To celebrate a new beginning, a special founders discount will be applied only this year, making the total investment for this program only 555€!

Once purchased, you will get access to the online studio within 1 business day.
This purchase is non-refundable.

What’s included?

6 months of my full support (during lives and inside group chat).

12 live classes where we go through the pillars of the program, incorporating both profound teachings and transformational practice, along with space for Q&A. All classes will be recorded and available to go through any time.

Group chat to connect and ask any questions (I will be there Mon-Fri through the entire program length).

Additional tools, recorded practices and written guides inside the virtual studio available from the beginning of the program and at least one year after the program ends.

What are the time and date for the live classes?

CLASS 1: January 11th 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 2: January 25th 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 3: February 8th 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 4: February 22nd 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 5: March 7th 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 6: March 21st 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 7: April 11th 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 8: April 25th 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 9: May 9th 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 10: May 23rd 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 11: June 6th 2024 7pm CET

CLASS 12: June 13th 2024 7pm CET

What if I can’t make it to the lives?

No worries, because you won’t miss a thing! All lives will be recorded and made available right after the lives. You will have access to this during the program and at least one year after the program ends.

For how long can I access the content?

All the content will be made available as soon as it is created (as we go through the pillars) and it will be accessible during the program and at least 1 year after the program ends.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! If you’d like to pay in installments, please reach out at so that we can arrange this for you.

When do I get access to the virtual studio?

You get access to our virtual studio within 1 business day after your payment is processed, as we have to do this manually.

Have questions or need some clarity before making a decision? Reach out at!